The autmn wedding in Belgrade

As a wedding photographer, I find fall incredible for making pictures.
I got lucky by having a circumstance to be the wedding photographer to my colleague who was also a photographer, which circumstance was my great honor at the same time.
I was especially glad and honored because I could leave unforgettable photographies to one photographer, a photographies that he will always be happy to remember.
During our walking through one of the most beautiful part of Belgrade, on Milena’s and Dobrica’s face I saw nothing but smile, happiness and love, and it was easy for me as a wedding photographer to note all that beautiful moments, because there was no other emotions for notice.
After that, We went to the one of the most beautiful float in Belgrade, with fascinating view on Kalemegdan- the Belgrade fortress. The float „Move“ exudes elegance, and the party was unforgettable.
Watch the story of their weading to the end, and see by yourself.


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