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Nemanja Matijasevic

Wedding Professional Photographer

About Me

My name is Nemanja Matijasevic, a photographer from Belgrade. A husband of beautiful Sanja, and a father of unique and gorgeous daughter Janja : )

Because my roots are led by the family of photographer, my whole life was surrounded by camera and capturing memories with it.

So, let’s say, it was ment for me to live a life with photography. Making memories of wedding day became my life call fulfilled with lot of smile, dance, laughter, tears and hugs.

I attended worldwide education with eminent names when comes to wedding photography and I upgraded my knowledge which I inherited from my father. I’ve learned that having a good and expensive camera is not enough. For a good photographer it is necessary to have patience, get to know bride and groom, to understand their desire, to share your own experience with them because together we make memories for the whole life.

My style of photography is combination of creativity, portrait and documentary photography worldwide. Wherever my bride and groom choose to be their own fairy tale place, me and my camera gladly come and make original and unforgettable photos.

Everything I do is devoted to You and Your wishes to have a glorious wedding day.

To get the full impression about my work take a look at my blog on website and enjoy the story. : )

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