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At Kalemegdan

While they were sitting on the wall and watching the sky over Belgrade they didn’t even suspect what is the story of the stars and how destiny will work from now on.

- “You know, I love when I’m in love! It is most exciting feeling in the world!”
- “I don’t. I love when I love someone. It’s more realistic and more permanent.”
- “Oh, do you realy think it could be, like, forever!?”
- “I do. When I find someone who is mine, the one who accepts all of my gifts and my fears, someone who calms down all my storms and mess in soul, it will be forever. She will be safe with me. For good.”
- “Such a romantic. For better and for worse, right? And when it comes “for worse”part of life?
- “Then I’ll defend it. I will be her shield and She will be my fortress.”

Following year, the two of them under the sky of Belgrade promised each other that they would keep the holy secret of common life. For better or worse.

Belgrade and Kalemegdan have become accustomed to the steps of loving couples and they are working hard to beautify every moment and photo. White dress, black suit and dance can start!

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Love on Zlatibor

Up in the air. Close to the clouds. That is how newlyweds feel so, isn’t they? On a mountain, in silence, barefoot and with a smile this couple walks through their first walk as her Mister and his Mrs Petrovic.

It’s easy to take a photo of tree and river or capture a simple flower. Save from oblivion a true love, that is my goal. I would like to see all my wedding couples after 10, 15, 20 years from now walking together in a long walk called Life.

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It is priceless for me every smile that I see on brides I work with. But sometimes there is one of them whose apperance illuminates the room. That kind of bride is stunning Tanja fulfilled with charisma and old hollywood charm. Her elegance and desire for laughter and dance turned their wedding day into a great party which will remain in memory for a long time.

With the desire to make lovely photos we visited natural surroundings near Belgrade. Nature and silence gives a tranquility for a couples and for me as a photographer, nature on mountain Avala is source of inspiration and the basis for creating new wedding stories.

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After 9 years of youthful love, this autumn, they finaly made desicion to share common emotions with rest of the world. I ’ve got the honor to capture every moment, every hug and smile and give to my friend an eternal memory on his wedding day.

This couple beauty, energy and their readiness for adventure made my job so much easier. Thanks to charm of Aleksandra and Stefan and rustic beauty of nature on the mountain Avala we made perfect autumn love story photos. Those are the moments that give a new meaning to my whole job as photographer.

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“That night Tisa came over and her costume is luxurious, only sandals, the
ring and the hair of the ivy flower…”

She will make a step in the new day with new surname, and he will be honored because she chose him, his address and his pillow for future dreams. She will greet him with the smile every morning. He will show her that she is his long waited half, and now they will enjoy together with intertwined hands.

Staying in nature in the countryside has made smiles on newlyweds and myself too. All this plain, former Pannonian Sea today is a green oasis that grows from a smile and step of love couples.

The joint photographs of that unforgettable day in the farm show us that once again love is unbeatable.

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wedding olja dalibor


Marija I Dragan at magnificent Radmilovac, Belgrade

“I found a love for me.
Darling just dive right in, and follow my lead…”

You are brave. You give your emotion, your time and hope in one’s hand. You are hoping that hand will never shake. You believe because you love. You love because it is yours. It is yours because he/she stays with you and when life shake the boat and the water you sail on.

May you always follow the sounds of the violin, even if they are sometimes muted, remember the day of your wedding, boost emotions and dance.

Marija and Dragan started their joint life with the music of four violins in the beautiful ambience of the restaurant Radmilovac near Belgrade. A warm June day, cheerful guests and enthusiastic bride are a reason to have memories at every moment of celebration.

The photography will preserve every smile and hug… And dancing… Dance which echoes trough ages on Belgrade streets.

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