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About Us

Nemanja Matijasevic


Welcome to my corner made just for You.

My name is Nemanja Matijasevic. I am a father of baby Petar, little Janja and a husband of beautiful Sanja. My family is first place in my life. Sanja, Janja and Petar are my everyday reason to be proud and my support at every moment, private or business. These gorgeous couple of blondes:) are very good organized and so helpful when it comes to my job in photography and postproduction which sometimes can be so exhausting. But I can’t complain, it’s my choice, my personal and life call.

For some people, photography can represent just a piece of paper with a combination of colors on it. But just imagine how good and interesting stories can be hidden inside.

When I look at a good portrait, I am always thinking about a story behind that character, behind that smile or a look of the eye. That is my inspiration, that is a base for every next project and photo. Art is based on that since Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Da Vinci. Catch the moment, one look or smile that can and will disappear in a second, that is a passion that makes you watch, wait and be so excited about every new face you can catch with your camera.

Beside good portrait, I enjoy making a reportage photography. With my camera I can stop time. Preserve moments of happiness, love, smiles and hugs during one day so you can magically turn back in that precious moment and go through that emotions over and over again. So simple and marvelous, isn’t it?!

The best photo location can be anywhere. That's why I'm available to everyone everywhere in the world. Wherever my bride and groom wish, whether they are from Serbia or from any other country and city, to photograph their love, I will be happy to make those moments genuine and unforgettable.

What I admire, in addition to good photography, is good food, as well as search for new flavors of coffee and good beer. I like to watch a beautifully landscaped garden, lake and peace that gives me water. I look forward to every day, every new place where the steps take me.

And while I make these steps, intentional or accidental, I do not like rain and wind, I am not a fan of news and horror films. And yes, I do not like the crowd and busy in traffic.

Zhy waste time standing, just walk !?:)

My plans for the future?

I have two more children, we are healthy, there is really peace in the world, and I have all the reasons for enjoying it!

I share my talent and passion for photography with you on my blog. See you there!

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