Some of us found love in the same street, in the next yard, while some had to travel to a completely different continent to meet another part of their whole and share love with her. I believe that love is same everywhere, we can feel it, see it and picture it either in a restaurant or at a street, in Africa or Europe.
Wedding photography is a job where you see the same love on stage, in its original form, only the actors change.
Such is the story of my newlyweds who, through their love, have brought together two cultures and two families. They showed a great desire to share with everyone their energy, love and happiness that had been circulating all day. They started their exotic journey at a hotel in Belgrade with their invitees.
It was a pleasure to meet Mini and Nicola, to photograph them with their friends and family and to enjoy in their company. Their wedding day, the whole celebration at glorious place was incredibly charming and it will remain in my memory for a long time.


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