Una & Mario

When I was walked up by October’s sun instead of alarm clock, I went straight at Botanicka basta.
There, in Jevremovac, I have witnessed love and enjoyed in every frame I took. I also had a privilege of being followed by two enthysiastic newlyweds who were carefully listening to every advice I was giving them during the whole adventure.
As a weading photographer, I am in love at streets of Dorcol and its arhitecture for years, whitch transfers the spirit of our city Belgrade on the most nobles way.
The weading happened in Beton hala, one of the most beautiful places at Sava river, whitch itself is a sinonim for the best parties in Belgrade.
So, if you are looking to engage a weading photographer in Belgrade, Zagreb, or Vienna, you can text me at my e-mail, and I would proudly come to fullfil your requirements. Until then, I would really appreciate that you take a look at the photos I made, share them, and informe me about your impressions!
Thank you for your attention, and I hoppe to see you soon. 🙂


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